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Purebred Stock

David Flundra has been raising cattle in southwestern Saskatchewan for over thirty years. Cattle Creek Ranching was founded by David and his wife Ladi in 2002, for the purpose of efficiently and effectively raising and supplying pure-breed Red Angus cattle. The ranch has a CFIA approved quarantine lot and has already exported cattle overseas. Cattle Creek has an environmentally friendly attitude towards Mother earth, carrying out all of its operations with the utmost attention to the conservation of its water, grasslands, and harmoniously co-existing with the local wildlife.

Our Mission

Over the years we have dealt with many adversities. We have adapted and changed our operations to meet the challenges of the times. We look to the future and know there will be more changes, we also know we will rise to the challenge.


Development and selection starts at Cattle Creek Ranch when calving season begins. Each bull is accessed as part of a rigorous ongoing process, typically resulting in only 52% of the bulls making it to the sale. The development process takes place under the excellent eye of Jerry Hofer at White Lake Colony in large pastures, not confined pens.
We produce exceptional breeders. Our yearlings are fed a specifically designed ration to attain a targeted gain of 3 lbs/day. This process allows us to achieve the highest potential for growth, gain, and muscle development in an excellent environment. The program enables the bull to express their genetic potential on a moderate rate of gain and still maintain a growth rate that will allow for a greater longevity.


Our philosophy is to raise only the very best and healthiest cattle on the market. From calving season through to the auction block we ensure our stock receive the very best care. We are proud of each and every animal in our care and are confident you will find exactly what you are looking for.

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